Friday, November 12, 2010

5000 Bomb Sheltersbeing built in Moscow

The Newspaper and website 'Russia Today' just put out a video and News report that Russia is building 5000 Bomb Shelters in and around Moscow. The report states that this MUST be done in a hurried time frame, and MUST be completed before 2012.

I was taken aback by this and the past rolled in like a huge wave. I remembered building homes in the Untied States with special areas in the basement that could be used as a Fallout shelter.

I also remember the many drills at school that had to do with possible Nuclear attack.

What struck me as very TELLING is that it was pronounced so strongly and publicly.  Add to that the haste of the project and the date 2012.

This to me a a sign to those in the 'KNOW.'   This tells me that those Higher Up in society were just given a time frame by which they must be ready.

A very high up politicians in the Netherlands stated publicly two years ago that they were in the process of building HUGE underground facilities for their population.  They gave the same time frame for completion...2012.


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