Saturday, October 30, 2010

Internet speculation

Obama has reserved the entire 5 star Taj Mahal Hotel of 576 rooms plus another 300 rooms at another hotel.

Internet speculation is that he is not coming back.  My personal opinion is that He wants to have an alibi, so that he can say that he was no where near the scene of the crime when 'IT' happened.

Remember 9/11, they had old Georgie all the way down in Florida to make things look like he had no idea and no INVOLVEMENT as to what was happening in New York on that day.    Problem is Junior didn't get far enough away from the crime scene.  The shadow of complicity stretched far and wide that day, all the way down to Florida.  From that day till now, that shadow still hangs like a pall over Georgie Jr. 

This time they wont' make that mistake, this time they will have an air tight alibi..."Hey he wasn't even in the country when..." 

 The Taj Mahal Hotel has been reserved. There will be 40 airplanes plus Air Force One, 45 vehicles ,including the "Beast", the Armored rolling W.H., and don't forget the ubiquitous Nuclear subs hidden somewhere off the coast of India. 

Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a carefully planned evacuation? 

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