Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Israeli Intel...

At a recent Israeli Intelligence meeting the following irrefutable evidence has been presented which could lead the country into a two front war.

1. KNOWN FACT: Hizbullah has dug tunnels into northern Israel.

2. KNOWN FACT: Hizbullah has 60,000 rockets many with chemical war heads.

3. USA aircraft carrier was supposed to head back to USA and is now loitering off of Malta

4. Israeli satellite captured photos of submarine off loading weapons to Hizbullah in Northern Lebanon intelligence later showed weapons were special chemical weapons engineered to eat through protective equipment. This agent may now be loaded on Hizbullah rockets.

5. Israel Air Force training in long range missions, jets, helicopters which would suggest commando raids a long way from home.

6. IDF reserves called up and are training at an abnormal pace.

7. Israel delivers letter to UN, Lebanon and USA showing where Hizbullah has hidden rocket in civilian areas. Israel tell Hizbullah to move the weapons or we will hit them where they are.

8. Israeli subs are manned, armed and waiting off the coast off Iran

9. IAF has asked for and received forward airbases in Saudi Arabia

10. Israeli intelligence has captured human assets showing Hizbullah will preemptively attack Israel at months end, objective to take out IAF bases so our planes cannot hit Iran.

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