Monday, August 16, 2010

Israel -vs- Iran

Zbigniew Brzezinski adviser to Jimmy Carter gives his well thought out position on he MISTAKE of an American Military Strike on Iran's Nuclear facilities

An Israeli attack on Iran would be a disaster...I concur with his opinion.  My reasons are as follows:

1) The US would suffer Domestic terror attacks in degrees that most Americans are not willing to accept or able to stomach.

2) First the commercial price of oil would explode. Then, there would be rationing, followed by outright shortages domestically and worldwide.

3) The Finical assault to the US and world economies would make the recent THEFT by Wall-street Bankers, -aka- the Bailout, would seem small by comparison.

4) The US main land would become vulnerable to a surprise attack by either Russia, China, or both, as the U S Military would be stretched to thin in a 3 front war.

5) The US political scene would be one of unrest and turmoil due to the necessary move of having to enact a draft to beef up and replenish the US Military personal.

6) The US taxpayers already burdened by a sluggish economy, higher taxes, and soaring interest rates would be further burdened by even more taxes to help pay for this new war.

7) The US Military already dealing with a lack of supplies, scarce ammunition and a high rate of attrition due to combat losses would be called upon to open up a 3rd front in war which seems open ended.

8) At some point in the very near future the US economy simply collapse from the already overwhelming WAR deficit spending? We are already talking TRILLIONS of dollars just to stay in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN. Adding a 3rd front in a country that is nothing but massive desert and an endless chain of mountains would bleed the US economy to death with a million small cuts for armor, guns, ammo, tires, tents, and on, and on, and on, and on, add nausea...

9) Lets not forget that the American public could easily turn on grass roots revolution demanding a return to Government rule by the US Constitution.

10) The last reasons are simple and to the point...


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Anonymous said...

This interview is a very good finding. However the message is confusing. Brzezinski - one of the largest globalist is against that war, while others are pro. Kind of hard to infer the real intention.