Tuesday, August 17, 2010

George Soros and His money Part II

Soros and his foundations have funded leftist organizations as folows:

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

the Tides Foundation

the Tides Center

the National Organization for Women

Feminist Majority

the American Civil Liberties Union

People for the American Way

Alliance for Justice

NARAL Pro-Choice America

America Coming Together

Center for American Progress

Campaign for America's Future

Amnesty International

Sentencing Project

Center for Community Change

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Human Rights Watch

Prison Moratorium Project

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

National Lawyers Guild

Center for Constitutional Rights

Coalition for an International Criminal Court

The American Prospect


Planned Parenthood

Nation Institute

Brennan Center for Justice

Ms. Foundation for Women

National Security Archive Fund

Pacifica Foundation

Physicians for Human Rights

Proteus Fund

Public Citizen Foundation

Urban Institute

American Friends Service Committee

Catholics for a Free Choice

Human Rights First

Independent Media Institute

MADRE Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

National Immigration Law Center

National Immigration Forum

National Council of La Raza

American Immigration Law Foundation

Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

Peace and Security Funders Group

George Soros has personally, from His own Golden Check book, made campaign contributions to:

Charles Rangel

Al Franken

Tom Udall

Joe Sestak

Sherrod Brown

The Current President of the United States of America...Obama

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