Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eid-ul-Fitr / Rosh Hashanah...Ten Days of Awe

Eid-ul-Fitr (Id al-Fitr) is a two day celebration ending the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan. It falls upon September 10th and 11th. The beginning of the Jewish Ten Days of Awe, or Rosh Hashanah also falls upon September 9th and 10th. One Five Doves poster actually claims that Rosh falls upon September 11th this year! This is both a extremely rare and unsettling conjunction.

          In the past when is-lam and Judaism shared these holidays, truly historic and earth shaking events transpired.  We have been conditioned to think that both doom and gloom are everywhere.  Elected officials continue the slide into Corporate-Fascism.   The US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the very God given rights that once set the United States apart as that 'shinning city upon the hill' have been stolen by Wallstreet Bankers. 

The Mass Media -aka- the NWO mouth piece have primed the world to expect that life can only get more difficult.

 In this post 911 era of universal terrorism America and her allies are fighting two foreign wars, which are nothing more then out right theft of another country's oil and mineral rights.  

After natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Haitian and Chilean earthquakes have, by PLAN of the NWO, killed hundreds of thousands of poor people.  People the NWO calls useless eaters.  

An unprecedented environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that pored millions of barrels of oil onto America's already battered Gulf. This surpasses all the poison dumped into our oceans by a magnitude of ten. We have witnessed the outright theft of the American dream. 

That freedom to be inventive and successful by entrepreneurial hard work, and ingenuity has been stolen away from us.  The certainty that our children's future could always be better than our own no longer exists.

The last years when these holidays shared the same date was 1984, 1973, 1967, 1948, 1939 and 1914 

and now 9-11-2011...What Darkness May Come...

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy someone else that sees a very odd year out of these two holiays. I believe what you are speaking of may actually be 9/10/10 because it is the last day of ramadan and the first day of rosh hashanah.