Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Answer for Now and Forever and for All Ages...

This video is well spoken.

It makes a very good point.

Can You tell Where it Fails horrible?

The root of all violence, all theft, all death implied coercion...

Is sin.

There can be no Peace, no Joy, No True Freedom without...


Mankind Devoid of Violence, Hatred, and Murder is an impossibility without...


A world free of avarice, greed, jealousy, and envy cannot exist without...  


The world exists in it's present state because of the weight, the cost, the infection, the curse, the aberration of SIN!

We started in perfection, Fell from Grace and have slowly deviated from that starting point of just a thousandth of a degree left of perfection till we have transversed thousands of years of a downward spiral till we are at our present descending attitude.

Mankind, by virtue of this anomaly, this negative S-Factor cannot achieve a sustained  upward course towards perfection because of the unimaginable, incalculable  weight of the disease of SIN!

Until Mankind submits and is willing to admit that in itself the Human Race is not capable of freeing itself from the internal rot of SIN!  Then, there can be nothing but the ever smaller concentric circles transversing a southernly course till Mankind finds itself firmly, squarely, right in the center of HELL!

JESUS CHRIST is the Only One who can free Mankind from the outwardly kinetic, inwardly hidden,consciously denied, corruption of SIN!

It is said and it true...


Is the way

The Truth

And the Life eternal in a place, in a state, FREE from all violence who's genesis is SIN!

JESUS that simple


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