Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Massachusetts State School mascot is a Pedophile

The Satanic Pedophile advocay Group called...
Published a manifesto called "Child's Sexual Bill of Rights" or as it is known to an Sane person...
"The Pedophile's Dream Cum True..."
In August of this year 2010 Massachusetts State Schools will be giving First Grade Children Condoms for the 5yr old boys and not to be left out dental dams for the 5yr old girls.  Dental dams are a condom for the mouth.  
After all, in today's economy not every family can afforf kidde condoms and dental dams for their fully sexually active 5yr olds.  
I mean what Massachusetts Grade School Parent would want their daughter to miss out on all the fun of being rapped, sodomized,  and orally violated by a consenting adult.     
CSC pedophiles write, "Every child has the right to loving relationships, including sexual, with a parent, sibling or other responsible adult or child and shall be protected and aided in doing so by .contraceptives and aids to prevent venereal disease" and schools copy the pedophile model.
Which leads one to cynically ask which closet pedophiles run Massachusetts sex education?
CSC pedophiles want Kiddie condoms and contraception--like modern STD vaccines--not to protect children from harm but to protect pedophiles from disease, and evidence of assaults, like impregnating minors, thus from jail. And same-age and same gender sex opens the door to dispersant age sex with hetero/homosexual adults.
CSC pedophiles write, children are sexual "at any age,"  CSC pedophiles demand sexual "re-education of the citizenry in every part of the United States.school child or adult," and schools copy the pedophile model.
CSC pedophiles write, "sexual rights" should be legalized "regardless of age," and Massachusetts State Schools march lock step to the CSC pedophile model.
CSC pedophiles write, "Each child has the right to be protected from any form of sex suppression at home or in society," and Massachusetts State Schools march lock step to the CSC pedophile model.
CSC pedophiles write, "Children should have the opportunity to acknowledge what they know and feel about their sexuality," despite their parents, and Massachusetts State Schools march lock step to the CSC pedophile model. 

CSC pedophiles write, "regardless of age" or "tradition," children may have sex with whomever they wish, of any sex or age, and Massachusetts State Schools march lock step to the CSC pedophile model.
In short, Massachusetts, and similar schools have adopted Kinsey's Pedophile Programs, neutering parents, demanding an organized pedophilic state and school lobby. Tiny condoms and child STD vaccines do nothing but protect child predators interests.
The recent Provincetown decision to pander to pedophiles by eroticizing even First Grade students with Kiddie condoms and dental dams is currently school policy in over thirty Massachusetts school districts.
Since the late 1960s children have been eroticized and their innocence stolen by sexually deviant NWO school officials. 
The Main Stream Media reports Massachusetts a brave kiddie condom pioneer!
In 1990 its Cambridge Rindge & Latin Schoolhealth center dispersed condoms and by 1991 Falmouth had condom vending machines in Elementary school bathrooms.

Since 4 and 5yr old children often cannot read or write, do school nurses provide the "safer sex" demonstrations by sodomizing 5yr old boys and orally violating 5yr old girls? 
I am curious, when is condom "erotic play" explored in the playground or at lunchtime after eating peanut and jelly sandwiches? Are condoms for the cloak rooms? Do children get extra physical education credit for sex? Do boys get equal access to dental dams? Can Massachusetts State School students submit erotic films or papers for credit?
These school sex programs for 5yr old's recall Aldoux Huxley's Brave New World when a little 4yr old boy was sent for therapy when he didn't play erotic games with others.
I would like to remind
the Massachusetts State School Board that
if you keep up the work of the NWO
your reward will be an Eternity burning in HELL...  

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