Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Large Methane explosion in the Gulf...Cover Story!

Here is what is going on to the best of my knowledge...

I - Each relief well is now at the proper distance for nuclear devices to be effective at sealing the blown out well.

II - The ground has been mapped for calculating bomb size needed

III - A cap has been placed that can be shut just as the bombs are detonated to prevent radioactive leaks.

IV - The Methane Explosion in the Gulf is a COVER STORY!

V - US Military hardware and ships are relocated beyond the Cuba landmass as well as the off coast of Costa Rica. Which I reported earlier.

VI - National Guard and Other US Forces are now deployed at a safe distance from the coast. UN vehicles and US Military supplies are complete including MRE food packs.

VII - People asked, "Why?" this new cap is used now and not months earlier? Because the data they needed from Gulf floor Sonar mapping wasn't ready!

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