Monday, June 14, 2010

Who owns the USA (Part I)

In 1604, a corporation called the Virginia Company was formed in anticipation of the imminent influx of white Europeans, mostly British at first, into the North American continent.

Its main stockholder was King James I and the original charter for the company was completed by April 10th 1606.

The Virginia Company owned most of the land of what we now call the USA.

The Virginia Company (The British Crown and the bloodline families) had rights to 50%, yes 50%, of all gold and silver mined on its lands, plus percentages of other minerals and raw materials, and 5% of all profits from other ventures.

The lands of the Virginia Company were granted to the colonies under a Deed of Trust (on lease) and therefore they could not claim ownership of the land.

They could pass on the perpetual use of the land to their heirs or sell the perpetual use, but they could never own it.

Ownership was retained by the British Crown.

Even though in 1607 it was that JAMES EDWARD STUART did not know the exact geographical size of the land mass in North America, he already knew that there were going to be 48 MEROVINGIAN PRINCIPALITIES to be ENTHRONED there. How could he know this in 1607. Quite easy. Since there were 48 MEROVINGIAN FAMILIES who signed on to the VIRGINIA COMPANY CHARTER , it was agreed that each FAMILY was to own it's very own PRINCIPALITY. PRINCIPALITIES are today called STATES.

The original Organic American Constitution reads: "The Constitution for the united states of America".


When Americans agree to have a social security number the citizens of the united states surrender their sovereignty and agree to become franchises of the United States (The Virginia Company of the British Crown).

Everything in the "United States" is for sale: roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water, prisons, airports etc. (Executive Order 12803)

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