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ILLuminati Action Report

Illuminati Action Report:

Summer Solstice 2010 May be the Cowards Time Frame...

Summer Solstice Jun 21 2010 7:28 AM EDT

What follows is a very scary discovery and analysis of an “odd” terrorist article published in a Capitol City in West Africa that predates the so called, “operation blackjack spoof.” It all started when a researcher found a strange article titled, “Major terrorists head to court.” (1)

This terror article ( was broken down into sections and decoded. The executive summary of the final decoded message is:

Section A - The [nuclear] winds are on the agenda for 6/23/2010.

Section B - S.O.S. the [new-clear] bombs will be hidden in the rooftop heating & cooling systems.

Section C - Nine Al-Qaeda pasties(CIA Front) will be blamed for the attacks against the westerners.

Section D - The radical patsies planned the attack for four years and came from three nations.

Section E - This is an Emergency Action Message signed by a hidden Illuminati Marker.

Section F - In 2010, mass repentance [faith resurgence] as an outcome of this spiritual dialogue.

The actual decoding is very complex and may be posted in its entirety in a separate post. However, the following items were decoded and found contained within the terror article:

* The number “33" Illuminati marker of authentication.

* The article claims that the terrorist shot tourist on December 24, 2007.

* Then the article is decoded to warn of “dangerous winds” 912 days later, which happens to be June 23, 2010. [Note: Operation Blackjack indicates June 22, 2010 but hidden in its images is a code to add a day. Also, 6/23/10= 6+2+3+10 = 21 Blackjack!]

* Then even spookier is the fact that 912 days after 6/23/10 is 12/21/12 = Doomsday!

* The article talks about the FOUR who got killed and the ONE who got injured, and this was decoded to mean the event will kill: England, Canada, United States, and Mexico. The article hints that an attack on an Israeli Embassy will leave it wounded.

Anyone reading the article may wonder how Section B was decoded. Take a good look at the names of the suspected terrorists. Their initials are: SOS, MOC, MOH. This was decoded as: SOS=HELP, MOC/MOH are very common acronyms for rooftop heating and cooling units. It makes sense that someone posing as a ‘repair man’ could hide suitcase new-ukes on rooftops in these units without rasing suspicions. Detonation from the top of tall buildings adds to the ‘damage’ vector and enhances visual effects to be used in the ‘shock’ and ‘awe’ media campaign.

Remember, the Cowards Never do anything without letting their intentions be known. It's much sicker that way...

Part II

The article also warns of “dangerous winds” 912 days later, which happens to be June 23, 2010. [Note: Operation Blackjack indicates June 22, 2010 but hidden in its images is a code to add a day. Also, 6/23/10= 6+2+3+10 = 21 Blackjack!]"

That is significant for a couple of reasons. In the occult, they add a day to the year of a past event. Also, the words "21st Century" are code words.

The article goes on to articulate

"June 22nd six cities, New York City, Washington DC, Toronto, Mexico City, Portland, and Los Angeles, all suffer a nuclear attack as mushroom clouds are depicted rising over the skyscrapers. The crumbling remains of the cities are shown one week later."

We should be watchful for the Anubus, too. There is a statue of that entity erected in London. It appears that one has been erected in Denver now where the queen is supposed to go when TSHTF?

"The symbol of the "Octopus" is prevalent throughout the world and the movies. It is the "symbol of ANU", the summerian Anunnaki god.... It consists of two crosses intersecting at a central point.... The symbol could be highly stylized and hidden. Once you know what it is and what it means you will see it everywhere. It is encoded in the mandala of the "eight fold path", it is encoded in Rome, at the Vatican, in the plaza, it is encoded in the British flag, it is encoded in the lotus flower of one of the royal houses of Samurai/Shoguns in Japan.

The octopus is the Corporate Trademark, a symbol used by the descendants of Cain as a form of identifying themselves to those whom they plan to conquer.

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