Friday, November 06, 2009

Information tracer rounds

I am a contractor at an organization that some would consider a think-tank, but is in reality an extra-governmental organization. Please take this thread seriously, as it reveals what is really occurring with mass thought manipulation and data analysis (TMADA) projects.

The second most recent TMADA project was "balloon boy". The purpose of this event was not only to manipulate thought through the mass media, but to implement technical means to monitor discussions about the event. National and internation -- public and private -- everything was analyzed. The purpose of these experiments is to determine the flow of information in social networks - both social networks in the Web 2.0 sense and the traditional sense. The subsequent analysis of this data will allow for governments to better manipulate data for future events, of significantly more importance than balloon boy. It also allows them to determine what we would deem "supernodes" on information flow graphs.

The most recent TMADA project was of course the supposed shooting by Nidal Hasan. The purpose is the same: the mass media is used as part of thought manipulation, and massive data analysis is performed on subsequent social communications.

Balloon Boy and Nidal Hasan are just the latest experiments in TMADA. These experiments are really not the problem.

These "seeds" as they call them -- these manipulated events -- have effects in communications networks beyond those who are mass media addicts. Half of the project is about the data analysis (following manipulated events). It doesn't take a graph theorist to realize that these are dry runs so when actual events hit (real or manipulated), subgraphs which represent more "subversive" ways of thought will be broken up.
The first component, of course, is the manipulation. TPTB are much more interested in how information flows in scenarios where information and people are being manipulated. My understanding is that the subsequent network analysis is primarily concerned with networks or subgraphs of groups or individuals deemed "subversive".
I recommend Google'ing "KPP-Neg" to see what the goal is here with the data analysis.

Read between the lines.
Factor in a corrupt government and power hungry fools
it makes balloon boy and FT Hood stand out for what they really are

These manufactured events are nothing more then…
Information tracer rounds - to light up the social networks

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