Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Murder by Vaccine

The Hidden Powers That BE are now directly poisoning via inoculations. The Satanic underpinning of this Death ritual is clear when you recognize that they FIRST want to poison those human groups most responsible for carrying on and continuing life itself: pregnant women, little children, and Healthcare workers!

Former Marine Drew Malone Raines, great grandnephew of Major General Smedley Butler, discovered in July of this year that a Navy ship headed out of San Diego in late April of 2009 for Phukette, Thailand, had an emergency crisis at sea and had to return to port.

All 347 members of the ship's crew were  

inoculated with the Swine flu vaccine

three days before departing on April 21, 2009. By May 1, 2009 (about two weeks), 341 crew members came down with flu symptoms and approximately 260 of them had what was described as "very serious" flu symptoms.  

Two people died from the Vaccine!!!

About 50 medical personnel from another Navy ship, were brought on board to attend to the medical emergency and the ship was returned to port where it was quarantined. The wife of one of those seamen who had gotten very ill and nearly died, had reported the story to a group of Navy wives who were regular listeners to Drew Raines, A Marine's Disquisition, internet radio show, and they, in turn, reported the story to Drew Raines.

Subsequently, the wives of every seaman on that ship were... 

visited by Navy Intelligence and other Navy brass and told to keep their mouths shut and say nothing of the episode to anyone as the incident was now classified and subject to "national security" classification.

 Murder Most Foul...

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