Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tea Party...Political misdirection

A side show of subservient compliance and indifference. This is how far the de-fanged American public has sunk.

In Lafayette Park, Washington D.C., of all places to protest, the plan was to dump one million tea bags in the park. Yeah right! These COWARDS forgot to get the proper permits. Are you kidding me? What is civil disobedience without civil disobedience? These testically impaired, pantie wearing, limp wristed, dissidents, were so HARD CORE that they were willing to put down plastic tarps and clean up after themselves.

Mind you, these are the same concerned citizens who will be calling in tips on there neighbors when Martial Law is enacted. "Ummm, is this Home.L.S.? Well, I think my neighbor is a terrorist...I mean Christian. Yeah, I know it's the same thing now. Yes, Officer, your right Christians are far more dangerous."

Videos on the Internet of Lafayette Park show people standing around in their trendy turtlenecks and Tommy Hilfiger and North Face jackets, chatting, socializing, drinking coffee and talking on their cell phones. Some dressed in colonial garb (how pathetic) and waving little flags(bought from Wal-Mart no doubt). Some even break into a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner followed by a chant of "USA, USA, USA." What a show of meaningless symbolism.

The chanting was eerily reminiscent of someone whistling in a dark alley in a vain attempt to appear fearless. All the while they are shaking in their shoes.

All the NWO politicians were inside, smugly and comfortably seated in their expensive leather chairs paid for by tax payer BAIL-OUT dollars. They were discussing their next round of diversion tactics to keep the clueless public off the trail of their real plans.... Total Global Fascism...aka The NEW WORLD ORDER!

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