Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New Boss....Part II


Throughout history, and especially within the last 100 years, nothing has transferred wealth and power from the working class to the ruling class more quickly and efficiently than war. The business of war, whether it is carried out through financial manipulations only, or through actual military operations, is a chess game played between ruling elites. Financial instruments and military organizations are merely chessmen on the board.

Suppose a new kind of chessman is introduced that is not very expensive to produce but initially, is not widely available. It can move immediately to any position on the chessboard and capture any chessman including the king. This chessman is appropriately named the “assassin”.

Every chess player would want an assassin because it would guarantee victory by eliminating the king on the very first move. This would introduce a new strategy in the game of chess called “Top-Down Attrition” (TDA) and it would effectively put an abrupt end to every game without the need to move any of the conventional chessmen. The balance of power would shift completely to whoever possesses the assassin.

The point is that the MMIP technology, if militarized and advanced into the autonomous phase, will give those who possess it the capability of shifting the balance of power in the world through Top-Down Attrition Warfare. In other words, military, corporate and political leaders of enemy states would be vulnerable to attack regardless of how numerous or highly trained the security forces are surrounding them. War would still be a business but it would become vastly more efficient and predictable. Battlefields would become archaic and irrelevant in the eyes of those elites who use it for the purpose of wealth transfer in order to consolidate power. That is, of course, if they are the only ones who possess the MMIP technology. If they ignore the emerging technology, they will do so at their peril as they become archaic and irrelevant in the eyes of early adopters.

Smaller organizations, not just large governments, would be equally affected by Top-Down Attrition Warfare. Who, in a criminal organization, would want to step into a leadership role, if they knew by observation of ongoing assassinations of their own leaders that they would have only a few days to live?

The big caveat is  that the MMIP technology is ALREADY being militarized by western industrialized nations.  

This militaristic attitude toward the MMIP technology development and implementation may be unsettling to some readers but it is purely pragmatic.  

Because the New Boss is the Same as the Old Boss.....

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