Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Seat of the NWO Part II

Hundreds of drivers are being FORCED to take part in government-funded road-pricing trials that could result in charges of up to £1.30 a mile on the most congested roads.
The test runs will start early next year in four locations and will involve fitting a satellite-tracking device to the vehicles of volunteers. An on-board unit will automatically deduct payments from a shadow account set up in the driver’s name.

Paul Clark, the Transport Minister, confirmed yesterday that the trials would proceed despite previous statements from the Government suggesting that it had abandoned the idea of a national CAR ID.

The on-board unit could be used to collect all information connected to the vehicle and it's driver. The Farce of congestion in London and Manchester are to to be the3 cover story for further loss of individual privacy inside the seat of the NWO.
In the longer term the technology WILL BE USED to track every movement, of every citizen of the UK, 24hrs a day, 7days a week, 365days a year.  

Drivers would use the internet to check all their payments on a single bill. They would choose whether the bill showed where they had travelled or simply the amounts they had paid.

Ministers hope to overcome concerns about loss of privacy by allowing drivers to instruct the on-board unit not to transmit locations to the billing center but simply the number of miles driven at each charging rate. Of course, this information will not be in any way, used against the citizen, should the government deem it expedient.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has appointed four companies to test different charging systems and a further three companies to test methods of enforcing the FALSE cover story of a pricing scheme and ensuring its accuracy.

The Times has learnt that one of the four trials will involve up to 100 BT staff working at Martlesham, Suffolk. BT is working with T-Systems, the German company that collects tolls from lorries on 12,000 miles of autobahn.

Trafficmaster, a leading provider of traffic information and satellite navigation systems, is running another trial.

The nails are being pounded at a furious rate into the coffin of all free men.... 

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