Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who is in Control?

There is a key link between what is happening in the global economic crisis and the growing surety of World War III starting in the Middle East. That link is the New World Order agenda controlled by the global banking families. The way they work is to control the money supply of nations through the various central banks, such as the privately owned Federal Reserve System of the United States and the privately owned Bank of England in the United Kingdom. When money is printed it is created out of thin air, an accounting entry on the books, by the central banks. However, the nation states have to pay the central banks for the money and pay interest on the money. The creation of money is a proper function only of governments (in America it is a function that is constitutionally allowed only to the central/federal government), but the global banking families have taken over this by murder, deceit, bribery and the control of the mass news media.

Wars and economic recessions and depressions are the most important engines of wealth and power expansion that the global banking families have. Hence several families have profited from most wars over the last two hundred years, and from the distress caused by economic crisis like the Great Depression. To deliberately profit from, and worst to deliberately work to set up and cause wars and depressions, to enrich oneself is a very deep and damming form of EVIL. It is not surprising that many involved in these families flaunt their satanic beliefs.

These families are tagged with the generic name of 'Illuminati' because they falsely believe that they are the 'Light Bearers' servants of the Morning Star --Lucifer It is these EVIL, SADISTIC, DEVIL WORSHIPING, families who with unlimited wealth are the criminals which control ALL politicians, every country's stock markets, ALL Central and International banking cartels, along with ALL Insurance institutions,. Then there are the lesser families who own the major manufacturing industries, such as steel, coal, oil, energy, food and agriculture, shipping, transportation.

The crown jewel is complete ownership and control of all Media, including Newspapers, Cable companies, all Network television outlets, Internet media outlets, Magazines, Publishing, Music, Fashion, Pornography, Radio stations, Movie Studios, Advertising, Satellite Radio Companies, as well as the Federal over site of all these companies

The often spoke of New World Order is already here. Don't be fooled by the Nation States which still exist. The New World Order has total control over all power, all wealth, all resources, and this by a handful of people. The technology of spying and 21st Century police state technology are becoming so all pervasive, so powerful that they can actually read your thoughts inside your head.

The technology of mass destruction, of 21st Century warfare, seems trite compared to the tailored Nano-technology, Bio-warfare, Chemical weapons, Microwave weapons, Energy Beam weapons, ELF weapons, HARRP( The Earthquake weapon) Tightly Focused Audio-wave weapons, Multi-Terra watt Lasers, Space Based weapons which can Affect the Sun, Anti Gravity Drives, Force Field generators, Energy Cloaking devices, virtually unlimited energy reactors...and on and on and on...

These are just the weapon systems we know about. The ones which slipped through the cracks of their security organizations. These people through their Master have kept most of the human race at subsistence level for thousands of years.
These people have enslaved their own families for thousands of years. These people will stop at nothing to impose their nightmare upon humanity. Their New World Order can only come from the shadows by climbing over the corpses of several billion murdered souls. Those who are left, the shivering, starving, homeless, masses will consider this New World Order HELL on EARTH.

The 'Illuminati' are worse than a virus, an infection, or a cancer, because they are willing to commit mass genocide against their own race just so that they can live lavishly.

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