Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Floating Bomb...

“October 10, 2008 Armed Somalia pirates on Friday released three Indians and 26 other members of the crew on board a hijacked cargo ship after keeping them in captivity for more than one and half months. ….The ship MV Iran Deyanat, carrying 40,000 tonnes of iron ore en route from China to Netherlands, was hijacked on the Red Sea by Somali pirates on August 22.” 80 nautical miles off the coast of Yemen.

The MV Iran Deyanat set sail from Nanjing, China, at the end of July and, according to its manifest, planned to travel to Rotterdam, where it would unload “42,500 tons of iron ore “and "industrial products" purchased by a German client. Its arrived in the Gulf of Aden, on August 20 and was scheduled to reach the Suez Canal on August 27

Steaming past the Horn of Africa, 82 nautical miles southeast of al-Makalla in Yemen, i, the MV Iran Deyanat, was entering the Gulf of Aden, on its way to the Suez Canal, when it was surrounded by Somali pirates in fast, small speedboats and boarded. About 22,000 ships a year pass through the Gulf of Aden and its northern terminus, the Suez Canal. Because armed pirates from Somali bases have been raiding commercial shipping, the region is patrolled by the multinational Combined Taskforce 150, which includes ships from the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet. An American-based website, [link to www.longwarjournal.org]

The result? Sixteen of them died of extreme radiation poisoning.

Once this bizarre and frightening information emerged, a blackout was imposed inside the United States and from the date of capture until today, not one word of this has ever been seen in or on the American media. No news about the growing rumors, ever reached the ears of anyone by the usual old-fashioned way but the internet was flooded with many articles and theories.

The ship was released by Somali pirates on October 10, after a $250,000 cash bribe was paid by the U.S. Navy for her release. The MV Iran Denyant was taken into immediate custody of a joint naval taskforce present, to include Russian and French ships. Crew members had all been interrogated and all of them, deemed “uninformed of the ship’s course or cargo” were duly released to their diplomatic representatives. The ship was boarded, occupied and thoroughly searched by U.S. Navy specialists but a subsequent report on the suspicious cargo containers has been heavily classified.(‘Top Secret- Galactic’)

Russian sources indicate that the ship was carrying a “highly radioactive” cargo in specially built” containers and that this cargo was falsely listed in the ship’s manifest. Also, there were many falsities in the manifest, to include a false listing of the cargo, “chemicals,” “rocks,” “oil,” or “iron ore” and other fictions, and the destination of it. A subsequent investigation into the alleged German firm to whom the ‘chemicals and ‘machine parts’ were to be delivered proved that there was no such German firm involved. At the request of American authorities, the Russians have refused to release any further information.

A correct copy of the ship's real manifest issued by the U.S. Navy states there was no rocket fuel on board. Her cargo contained "a significant quantity" of radioactive waste from China, in lead-lined and secured cargo containers. The ship was never boarded by anyone from the time she left Nanjing in China until the Somali pirates grabbed her. Sixteen pirates died within two weeks, of heavy radiation poisoning, and three more are expected to die. An international force consisting of American, Russian, French and Dutch ships were involved in blockading the ship and preventing her from leaving Somalian waters. A "ransom" of $250,000 was eventually paid by the U.S., the ship boarded by the Navy, her cargo secured and the crew interrogated and eventually released and the ship was moved, under her own power and with an American crew, to the Muscat port where the U.S. Navy has docking rights. Her manifest was entirely false. The ship was not going to Rotterdam and there was no “German businessman” to take charge of the fictional cargo.

The entire matter has been shut up and you will never see any mention of it in any mainstream media. The most important question is why this incident, with its horrifying implications, has been studiously ignored, even shut down, by both countries.

The story about the Huge   

                                                              will never see official light of day.

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