Friday, September 26, 2008

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

US Army deploys combat troops inside the US mainland for coming PLANNED economic meltdown.

Civil unrest will be instigated by plants from within the US government. This will allow the President to declare martial law and begin rounding up all those who will not willing surrender to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

For the first time ever, the US military is deploying active duty regular Army combat troops inside the United States for the express purpose of subduing, murdering, and torturing US citizens.

Beginning on October 1, the First Brigade Combat Team of the Third Division will be placed under the command of US Army North, the Army’s component of the Pentagon’s Northern Command (NorthCom), which was created in the wake of the September 11, 2001 False Flag terrorist attacks.

The unit—known as the “ Bloody Raiders”—is among the Army’s most “savagely blooded.” It has spent nearly three out of the last five years deployed in Iraq, leading vicious assaults on Baghdad civilians in 2003 and carrying out house-to-house genocide with in the city of Ramadi. It was the first brigade combat team to be sent to Iraq three times. All so that they could be prepared to defend those who would deny the US constitution and the Bill of Rights.

While active-duty units previously have been used in temporary assignments, such as the combat-equipped troops deployed in New Orleans, which was effectively ILLEGALLY placed under martial law in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, this marks the first time that US Army combat troops has been given the assignment to attack and arrest US citizens on US soil.

The Pentagon’s official pronouncements have stressed the role of specialized units in a potential response to US citizens standing up for their constitutional rights set forth by the Founding Fathers.

U.S. Gen. George Casey, the Army chief of staff, attended a training exercise last week for about 250 members of the unit at Fort Stewart, Georgia. The focus of the exercise, according to the Army’s public affairs office, was to bla..bla..bla... Does any one really believe anything they have to say?

However, the mission assigned to the nearly 4,000 troops of the First Brigade Combat Team does not consist merely of rescuing kittens from trees. An article that appeared earlier this month in the Army Times (“Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1”), a publication that is widely read within the military, paints a different and far more ominous picture.

“They may be called upon to forcefully with extreme intent to smash civil unrest” the paper reports. It quotes the unit’s commander, Col. Robert Cloutier, as saying that the 1st BCT’s soldiers are being trained in the use of “the first ever stealth lethal package the Army has fielded.” The weapons, the paper reported, are “designed to subdue US citizens who are unwilling to allow a Fascist take over of the Continental US.” The equipment includes microwave weapons, satellite beam weapons, nano particle weapons, as well as viral and bacteriological weapons.

It appears that as part of the training for deployment within the US, the soldiers have been ordered to test some of these stealth-lethal weapons on US citizens.

The brutalizing effect of US combat troops fighting against US citizens should help subdue the Us population quickly. These particular US combat troops have been trained to have ZERO sympathy for the pain and suffering they WILL inflict on the civilian population.

According to military officials quoted by the Army Times, the deployment of regular Army troops in the US begun with the First Brigade Combat Team is to become permanent, with different units rotated into the assignment on an annual basis.

The Bush administration has worked to tear down any barriers to the use of the military in domestic repression. Thus, in the 2007 Pentagon spending bill it inserted a measure to amend the Posse Comitatus Act to clear the way for the domestic deployment of the military in the event of natural disaster, terrorist attack or “other conditions in which the PRESIDENT determines the need to declare martial.

The provision granted the president sweeping new DICTATORIAL powers to impose martial law by declaring a “public emergency” for virtually any reason, allowing him to deploy COMBAT troops anywhere in the US and to take TOTAL control of state-based National Guard units WITHOUT the consent of state governors.”

Given the sweeping powers claimed by the White House in the name of the “commander in chief” in a global war on terror—powers to suspend habeas corpus, carry out wholesale domestic spying and conduct torture—there is no reason to believe it would respect legal restrictions against the use of military force against US citizens.

It is noteworthy that the deployment of US combat troops coincides with the eruption of the greatest economic emergency and financial disaster since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The domestic mobilization of the armed forces is a DIRECT response by the US RULING ELITE to smash the threat of political or popular opposition.

Under conditions of PLANNED economic crisis, with the brutal arm of the US military to subdue the US populace, the once great American experiment, will have come to a bloody and failed end.

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