Monday, September 22, 2008

The BUSH Cabal Part V

Stolen - AMERICAN money, social services, jobs - and lives

US citizen's taxes fuel the war profits of a secretive group of people growing ever richer at their expense. This "government of thieves" practises a revolving door of war for business and business for war. The Bush administration has promoted a huge increase in military spending for purposes such as invading Iraq, providing an enormous source of extra profit for big defence contractors and military-corporate shareholders, who at the same time have also been given large tax cuts by Bush & his cronies.

All this money is in effect stolen from the remaining 90% of the population. As a consequence, education, health, social welfare and many other useful or vital areas of government must be cut back. As well, numerous jobs are lost in these fields. Many ordinary people were suckered into voting for Bush by appeals to patriotism and religion - this from the family that has failed to find Osama bin Laden, but which protects the Saudi elite whose oil dollars work to promote Islamic fundamentalism against more moderate forms of Islam and all other religions and creeds.

How this theft affects Americans was brought home vividly in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The best resources of the local National Guard, intended to protect their communities, had instead been diverted to the imperial war in Iraq, along with much money meant to secure the levees of New Orleans against floods. As well, an incompetent director who later had to be sacked had been appointed to the FEMA body meant to respond to civil emergencies, because he had contributed a large amount to the Bush campaign coffers. New Orleans inhabitants paid a terrible price because of these scandals.

Again, the Bushes are so tied in with wealthy Arab oil money that they could not understand why Americans might be alarmed early in 2006 that control of their major ports was to be given to an Arab-owned company. President Bush even threatened to veto any attempt to scuttle the deal, before being forced into a humiliating back down by members of his own party. Living in his own fantasy universe, George Bush could not see that having started a war based on lies and stoking anti-Arab "terrorist" hysteria through fear-mongering, "Patriot Act" laws and so on, Americans would not exempt "big-money" Arabs from the anxiety he himself had sought to fan.

Stolen - the lives and limbs of America's young as cannon fodder

Over four thousand dead and over thirty thousand wounded US soldiers already in Iraq (by April 2008), with no end in sight. More than half of US wounded are under the age of 24, many suffering permanent and crippling disabilities. How many more will be sacrificed for corporate interests? Is it reasonable to defame lives lost already by using them as an excuse to squander thousands more? There is no light at the end of this tunnel - instead the oil flares of Iraq illuminate a US occupation that more & more resembles a Vietnam-style guerilla war that is going down the tube.

It's the poor who serve, while the rich just get richer on the "patriotism of scoundrels" The Bush administration represents a corrupt group of people who together with a few toadies abroad have stolen control of Western civilisation by deception.

In President Bush's own words, his personal "base" is "the haves and the have mores". He finds that amusing, while the young men and women of America suffer and die for him and his ruthless, moneyed corporate elite. The children of this elite do not suffer and die in Iraq, that fate is reserved for the financially downtrodden. That's why rising unemployment does not bother the elite, for a lack of jobs elsewhere makes it easier to recruit poorer young people into the armed forces, and to keep "lesser folk" fearful for their future and so more compliant to authority.

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