Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just Being Silly.....

The biggest object in our solar system is now Comet 17P/Holmes...


Comet 17P/Holmes is growing and expanding by the day. and still no images, no main stream media, no news reports, no explanation fromNASA, the Dept. of Defense, FEMA, nothing, nada, zip, zero, bup-kiss! Lets look at the sheer magnitude of what has happened in a a veryshort time.

The comet, asteroid, meteor, whatever 'IT' is, the thing is now BIGGER then the SUN!

The Hubble Space based telescope, The Spitzer Telescope, Germany'smost advanced deep space orbital telescope, and the Earth's biggestand most well funded land-base telescope Palomar Observatory are ALL missing in action, why? I can tell you this, several of the NSA's Covert series of high gain photo sats have been re-tasked to investigate this 'THING.'

Lets look at the numbers, shall we:

Comet 17P / Holmes is 1 409,918km,

The SUN is 1391,000km,

Jupiter 142,984kn,

The Earth 12,756km.

Anyone feeling insignificant?

When asked why nothing was being said about this situation, a specialist in Planetary Tectonic Magnetics who currently works for ************* in a sensitive field said: "You know why? Things are not yet in place to deal with the people part of the equation." I asked "what does that mean?" He replied "if it got out People would freak-out and panic..."

You ask dear reader..."What does that mean?" Well, lets see what is NOT being said.

So, here we are....11/10/2007....

There is a massive fire Ball in the sky growing daily in size. Growing, so big infact, that 'IT' is now bigger then the SUN! 'The Power That Be' are saying NOTHING. Not a word but, here are some interesting side notes about what is NOT being said.....

Try and connect the dots.......

In 2006 out of NO where, suddenly...The Norwegian government began constructing a global vault for seeds on Svalbard, halfway between theNorwegian mainland and the North Pole. Crop seeds from the entireworld will be put into frozen storage.

Wow..a place to store seeds incase of what....? Umm...something, say a massive impact by a cometwhich wipes out all the plant life for several years while the fires burn out and the insuing dust cloud settles.

Then you have in 2005...Engineers in the UK have started a three year,Fast track study into ways of intercepting or deflecting asteroids,comets, and meteors that might smash into the planet.The idea is thatthe engineers will only consider methods that could practically be implemented using......

Also in 2005 The European Space Agency is putting together a missionto see how well current technology could handle the threat of anasteroid-comet-meteor impact. The ESA is calling for spacecraft designproposals from the space industry, and early in 2006 it will selecttwo to be developed further. The final mission design will be chosenin early 2007, but the launch date has yet to be confirmed.

Also in 2005 Japan's Aero-Space Agency launched The HAYABUSA(MUSES-C)Mission which will investigate an Earth bound incoming object, such asan asteroid-meteor-comet also known as an earth-approaching type.Through this mission, Japan's Institute of Space and AstronauticalScience (ISAS) intends to establish the technology to intercept theEarth bound incoming object and bring back samples of the surface toearth (sample return).

Also in 2005 America's own NASA launched it's own Deep impact Probe. PASADENA,Calif. - NASA fine-tuned a space probe's final dive toward its comettarget Sunday, at the climax of a suicide mission that scientistshoped would provide new insight into the origins of the solarsystem.The 820-pound (373-kilogram) copper probe was on course tointercept Tempel 1, a pickle-shaped comet half the size of Manhattan,and smash a hole in it so scientists could get their first peek at theheart of one of the icy celestial bodies.

I am sure this is all just a big coincidence.

A silly fluke.

After all, I am absolutely SURE that the Major Governments of theworld spent BILLIONS of dollars trying to figure out how to stop, knock off course, or blow up, a comet just for the FUN of IT. I mean isn't government spelled backwards...FUN...FUN...FUN!

They love fun, their all about fun! After all you can't spell government without FUN!

I mean come on it's not like ALL of the World's Major Governments got together and began spending massive amounts of money, EACH and SEPARATELY, on exactly the same stop, knock off course, or blow up, a comet, AT EXACTLY the same time.

What would the odds ofthat be? Can you say 10 to the 50th power.

I mean it's not like THEY ALL had the SAME EXACT TIME FRAME.

OR that THEY all wanted to have the ANSWER, at the LATEST, by 2007-early 2008.

Come on, that would be crazy! Sheer lunacy!


To top it OFF, it's not like suddenly, one of the MAJOR GOVERNMENTS began to plan for the unthinkable and began building a DOOMSDAY SEED VAULT. That way after every living thing is killed off of the face of the earth, by say a COMET, they would have the seeds on hand to start over.

There no way all those random occuerances could happen at the exact same time unless there was a real-serious-pressing-life threatening-world altering, history making, high, VERY HIGH, probabiltiy, that indeed SOMETHING was Ummm....what's the phrase I am looking for?

Oh, yes

A Massive Comet whoes main body is composed of an outer core of ice with a dense inner core of Iron and Nickel Bromide. The unexpected density was so great that 2 American Nukes were unable to damage it significantly, or alter it's present IN-BOUND trajectory. On it's present course 'IT' is to strike the Earth with a high degree of absoulte certainty. The Nothern Hemisphere is the most likely strike zone, unless course alteration is achived in the next few weeks.

Now, I am just being silly!

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