Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Russia far advanced in EM Scaler weapons

In late April/early May of 1985, the entire armada of Soviet strategic scalar EM superweapons was activated as a special celebration of the 40th anniversary of the end of W.W.II.

Activation of this armada (which probably contained over 100 EM Mega Scaler Weapons), together with 27 giant power sub-systems and a large number of command and control transmissions, was monitored on an advanced, proprietary detection system.

After the gigantic strategic exercise, which lasted several days, most of the weapons and power sources were once again stood down to "standby and were moved to hidden locations deep within Russia.

Over the years, various aircraft were interfered with or downed as tests of these Soviet weapons. A particular case involved the mysterious loss of many F-111s in the Vietnam conflict. At least one downed F-111 crew was recovered in the subsequent prisoner of war exchange. On that aircraft all electrical systems were in difficulty simultaneously. This was probably due to special Soviet teams converting some North Vietnamese SA-2 missile system radars to the scalar EM mode, and employing "scalar beam" interference to produce spurious EM noise throughout the electrical and electronic systems of the aircraft.----------

As early as January 1960,

Nikita Khrushchev announced the Soviet development of a new, fantastic weapon.

On April 10 1963 one of the first new superweapons operationally deployed

was used to destroy the U.S.S. Thresher atomic submarine underwater,

off the east coast of the U.S. The next day, April 11, 1963 the same deployed superweapon was utilized in a different mode to produce a giant underwater explosion in the ocean over the Puerto Rican Trench, 100 miles north of Puerto Rico. "

The NASA shuttle launches provided an convenient opportunity for Soviet testing of these superweapons in a launch phase ABM mode, where a launched missile can be detected and destroyed shortly after liftoff. At first, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bursts on the early shuttle trajectory were deliberately delayed in time, to prevent actual destruction of the target and avoid alerting the U.S. that something unusual was happening.

The shuttle launch of November 26, 1985 saw a particularly significant test of this kind. In this case,

a very loud unexplained "sonic boom" or explosion occurred over the launch site 12 minutes after shuttle liftoff,

when the shuttle was already away and downrange. At least two previous shuttle launches had also been used as pseudo-targets, with delayed booms occurring over the launch site well behind the vehicles.

After lack of U.S. reaction to these tests showed that the

U.S. still had no knowledge of the new technology

and did not even recognize its employment, the Soviets apparently decided to proceed with tests where the target would actually be destroyed.On December 12, 1985 the same Soviet weapon tested against the NASA shuttle launches deliberately interfered with the controls of an Arrow DC-8 taking off from Gander Air Force Base, Newfoundland. At an altitude of 100 feet, the aircraft--carrying over 250 U.S. soldiers and civilian crew members lost power and sank into the ground tail-low, killing everyone on board.

Three Canadian witnesses to the crash were interviewed over the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's television news on April 8,1986 at 10 p.m. No flame or smoke issued from the plane before its descent and crash.

However the aircraft was seen to be mysteriously glowing with a yellow glow. That is a signature of the use of a scalar howitzer in the "continuous EM emergence" mode, similar to the manner in which the F-111s were downed in Vietnam. In short, the DC-8s electrical systems were interfered with ny electromagnetic noise created throughout the spacetime occupied by the aircraft. The powerful charge created in and around the aircraft also apparently caused the loss of two engines, one after the other. With its controls ineffective, and its power drastically reduced, the aircraft sank to earth, still in its "tail down" configuration from takeoff, and crashed and burned.

The "yellow glow" was a corona due to the acquisition of a high electrical charge by the skin of the aircraft. They have tested a fantastic range of anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defense weapons for over two decades, and the West is currnetly far behind in such technology.


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Sooo...Mr. Truth - please share with us and post all specific investigative findings proving that indeed the Thresher's demise was due to "Russia's far advanced EM Scaler weapons". Or are you just another pseudo-journalist who doesn't do the wet work to get to the truth??
From a Thresher family member.

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Email me and we will talk.