Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is anyone in Washington Listening...?

Russia is conducting pre-emptive First - Strike nuclear sorties against the Continental U.S.

In addition to arming our enemies like Iran and Syria, they are now playing dangerous war games reminiscent to the warmer periods of "the Cold War."

Drowned out in the media by tales of O.J. and Brittney, it is probably news to the majority of Americans that as you are reading this, Russian strategic bombers are conducting a series of long-range training flights, complete with aerial refueling, simulating a full-fledged nuclear cruise missile strike on the Continental United States.

These exercises, conducted in a time when world tensions continue to mount, are scheduled to continue through September 21st.
Russian strategic bombers Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M3, and Il-78 aerial tankers are engaged in this exercise, which in all practicality, could "go live" at any time, and the

U.S. would have precious little warning should the unthinkable occur.

Accordingly, these Russian exercises can and should be viewed as "Warning Order" exercises which could be executed against the Continental United States and our allies imminently - even during the execution of the announced "exercises" themselves. In that case the exercise would no longer be an exercise, but a real-world pre-emptive nuclear strike by Russian cruise missiles.

It is important to point out that all military forces exercise such capabilities for a variety of reasons.

The primary reason is to be able to execute such a mission as effectively as possible when such an order is issued.

In August, Moscow announced that flights by strategic bombers have not only resumed, but would continue to be flown on a permanent basis. According to intelligence sources,

Russian aircraft equipped with cruise missiles could strike between 172 - 192 American cities

(depending upon their weapon configuration) inside the U.S. with little warning. They appear to be flying sorties to forward launch points prior to the exercise, then are refueled in -flight to get them within range of the Continental U.S., but remain just outside of our air defense envelope to enable a launch followed by escape and evade back to their home bases.

In September 2006 Russian strategic aviation conducted simulated nuclear strikes within the contiguous territory of the Russian Federation. That exercise reportedly involved 60 long-range bombers of the same variants seen airborne in the exercise currently in progress. The difference is that in the exercise of 3 and 4 September, as well as the current 18-21 September exercise, the targets of the nuclear cruise missiles are not within Russian territory but are in fact once again real-world locations within the continental United States. To my knowledge, exercises of this scale with massed strategic, long-range aircraft of 12 or more in a single sortie, accompanied by long-range refueling aircraft, over a period of several days and in such a configuration that the Russian aircraft aloft could strike a couple hundred U.S. cities, military targets and infrastructure with 200kt nuclear weapons evokes images of a modern day, albeit nuclear, 'Pearl Harbor.'

This is inherently dangerous and deadly business. In fact, it is my opinion that such exercises are a direct threat of nuclear warfare against America by Russia.

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