Wednesday, July 04, 2007

HAARP will miserably fail the US Def. Dept.

BAE Systems has completed work on the world's largest and most destructive, life threatening, world ending, Ionospheric research facility," the company stated in a brief press release. "As the prime contractor for the U.S. Defense Department's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) research station, BAE Systems designed and built the facility, operating software, and controls. BAE states that HAARP "will be used to study interactions between high-power radio signals and the earth's ionosphere."

US DOD Hawks say that HAARP is a very important component in next generation ELF communication. Which means if Russia or China was to use NUKES to knock out US satellite communication HAARP will take up the slack and kick in as a secondary ELF com for US Submarines.

Also, HAARP is capable of detection and Imaging of very deep fortified Underground Structures. the physics of the generation and propagation of HAARP ELF/VLF waves and their interactions with earth materials will allow these waves to be used for applications such as sub-surface communications and exploration of the subsurface geological structure. The research called for under this effort is to assess the viability of exploiting the concept of electromagnetic induction to detect and image subterranean features such as tunnels, bunkers, and other potential military targets.

The US military is interested in the possibility of temporarily building up microwaves in the ionosphere to fry the electronics of ICBMs. The US is also very pleased with HAARP's ability to detect, previously undetectable, ground hugging cruise missiles, as well as very low flying aircraft. This gives a big boost for the US DOD in developing a missile defense shield further pushing the Russian and Chinese on the defensive.

Those inside Washington who have seen the background files on HAARP say HAARP is really a secret Doomsday weapon which can boil the ionosphere. Which, incidentally would cause the extinction of all life on earth as we know it.

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Anonymous said...

HAARP does not work anymore the Aliens put a stop to it just like the nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.