Saturday, July 07, 2007

any attack upon Iran would be considered an attack on Russia!!!

The WORLD Averts US Nuclear Armageddon...
Analysts are reporting today that this past weeks Sudden Unplanned-Emergency Summit’ between Presidents Putin and Bush in the United States has ‘narrowly averted an American/ Iranian nuclear Armageddon.’ A nightmare in which the Americans were planning a massive atomic strike upon Iran.

Vladimir Putin was advised by Russian Military Commanders that the United States had issued the orders for a nuclear strike on Iran. This story has been confirmed by the Washington Times News Service. The story reads...

"International radio operators picked up large numbers of coded Air Force communications being sent around the world on June 26 that indicated some type of significant military activity was about to take place."

A U.S. military official said the radio traffic was monitored from the Air Force Global High Frequency System (GHFS) that some observers regarded as "extraordinary" because of the unprecedented length of messages. The highly charged message was sent to Air Force commanders at Andrews Air Force Base; Wideawake Airfield on Ascension Island; Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska; Andersen Air Force Base, Guam; Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii; Lajes Field in the Azores; Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska; Salinas Air Base, Puerto Rico; Thule Air Base, Greenland; and Yokota Air Base, Japan. All are sites of GHFS ground stations.

The messages appeared to be emergency action messages, coded communications sent by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to U.S. Air Force strategic nuclear forces. The messages sent June 26 included 174 characters, much longer than normal 30-character messages, and amateur radio monitors say... "Man sakes alive, we have not seen the size of this message since the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Wooo doggie, I bet dem guys in E-ran were changing their undershorts after that close call!"

Upon his learning of the Americans planned nuclear attack on Iran, Putin ordered an ‘immediate’ flight change, also known as a CRAZY IVAN,(See Hunt for the Red October) to the United States. Previously, he had been in route to Guatemala for the 2014 Olympic Games announcement, of which Russia was announced the winner. There Putin was looking forward to hearing that fat beer swilling, burrito and nacho eating, sports caster, belt out his famous..."GOOOOOOALLLLL!!!" Those close to Putin say aside from watching reruns of Baywatch this is the only other thing which brings him joy.

The Washington Times states that Putin was ‘blunt’ with the American War Leader Bush in stating that any nuclear attack upon Iran would be an attack upon Russia itself.

These reports further state that the planned American nuclear strike upon Iran was to coincide with Israel’s long-planned invasion of Syria, and which their military forces are currently massed in what is described as the largest ‘war games’ on the Golan Heights since Israel’s capturing of this Syrian territory during the 1967 Six Day War.

An overwhelming concern facing the American War Leaders is the fast approaching implosion of the US economy due to the massive drain of the war budget, which is now approaching $1.4 trillion.

This deliberate destruction of the US dollar has destabilized the World’s banking system leading many experts to believe the American banking system will be the ‘first to go’ and could likely lead to a Global Depression.

Putin’s ‘warnings’ to Bush this past week resulted ONLY IN DELAYING the American planned attacks against Iran. The American War Leader ‘strongly suggested’ that if Putin was concerned about Russian casualties in Iran perhaps they shouldn't be their in the first place.

As the World continues its mad plunge towards the NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST one can only wonder what could possibly stop this insanity from happening.

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