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America found murdered..... 1776-2007

The middle country in the new North American Union use to be a sovereign country called America. It had a Bill of Rights guaranteeing the right of it’s citizens. It had a Constitution which was an agreed upon set of laws governing the Once sovereign country. Now, a new Social form of government rules where once a free country once stood.

The peoples of the New North American Union do not have a Bill of Rights or a Constitution but a loose set of agreed upon promises. These new promises are not given to everyone nor are they solid and definable. As a matter of pride the only way to assure these new loose set of agreed upon promises is by purchasing them at the new Judicial Finical Court House. There one has no worries about prison sentences, or long terms of confinement. If you have the money, from working hard, or owning factories, or simply have the money, you can receive Finical-Legal freedom guaranteed to all those who can afford it.

No longer will the poor rise up and consume their Superiors by entangling them in long drawn court cases. Court cases which were often lopsided to the victims point of view. Now, it is about the promise of a new day in the New North American Union. Workers, those found guilty of not having the finical income or ability to support New North American Union will do so by giving their lives in the factories, mines, and production facilities. Those found to be Superior due to obvious wealth, Political or Social influence will be allowed to live as they so choose. This is the promise of the New North American Union. “Those deemed Financially Worthy receive the promise of a new day.”

The New North American Union is set up like it’s Sister Union, the European Union, but not as powerful as the New Chino-Asian Union which now compromises the entire Far East. Though, Japan, Taiwan, North and South Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and territories not mentioned suffered brutally under the Chinese invasion and subsequent occupation.

Thankfully, the world now knows through the official News agency of the Chino-Asian News Corp that the peoples of the New Chino-Asian Union were both glad and happy to give up their once fruitless struggle for democracy. As Chino News Corp has repeatedly shown in their state films every one is big smiles and happy-glad. As a matter of pride the tens of millions who happily gave their lives for the New Chino-Asian Union there is now a commemoration in the Chino Asian Emperors Hall of government which states that they were all happy-glad to give their lives for the New Chino-Asian Union. If one wishes the small wooden plaque is just left of the basement near the boilers down level b-10 near the incinerators.

If you need help in finding the plaque you can ask any of the armed guards, or armed sentries, or any of the armed thought councilors, who will be happy to scan your thoughts with their new portable MRI-thought mapping happy-glad help devices.

As a matter of pride the New Chino-Asian Union can now speed up the process of you or anyone becoming a happy-glad worker for the New Chino-Asian Union. Just contact through your local Military-Police Union and they will happily pick up you and your entire family and all of your friends and their families too, for immediate collection and processing. You and all of your definable, researchable, social group will be speedily processed using the newest Neural-RE-Mapping happy-glad Quantum Neural processors. Like Hundreds of millions before you and your entire definable, researchable, social group will be made into more productive, with the ability to receive and immediately follow orders from those who are superior to you. No more will you, or any of your definable, researchable, social group have to worry about thinking or worrying or anything so troubling. Now you will proudly chant the slogan of the New Chino-Asian Union. “We Obey, because we serve the New Chino-Asian Union….Long Live our Superiors!”

The World 2010

In a month, August 20 and 21, the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico will sit down together in Montebello, Quebec to discuss making the borders between these three nations disappear.

They will discuss progress on a vast highway project passing through America to link Mexico with Canada.

So far, no one has asked the citizens of these three nations whether they want to do this. It is not up for a vote in Congress and, indeed, Congress has no supervision over the gnomes in the U.S. Department of Commerce who are busily “harmonizing” the laws under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).

This, we’re told, is not a treaty so Congress has no constitutional oversight obligation. I guess it’s more like a nice big handshake between the presidents and prime minister of these three nations who, let’s face it, just know better than the rest of us. I mean, do Canadians really think they’re in charge of Canada? Americans should have a say about programs affecting America? Or has anyone asked Mexicans if they want to be part of some “harmonized” configuration not unlike the European Union?

Last time I checked, the European Union lacked a constitution because some of its member states, notably France, had rejected the one that was offered. The Constitutions of the United States, Canada and Mexico are about three sovereign states determining their own regulations and laws. So far, fourteen U.S. States have passed resolutions in their respective and sovereign legislatures directing the federal government to abandon further activities involving SPP.

Part of the opposition is directed at what is generally called the NAFTA Superhighway; an exceptionally wide corridor that would include rail lines, freeways, and pipelines from Mexico to the Canadian border. The Texas legislature passed a law intended to slow down the highway project with a two-year moratorium. The vote in the Texas House was 137-2. The Texas Senate passed it with only four votes in opposition, but the Governor vetoed it in late June, thus opening the door to the seizure of the private property needed for the Trans Texas Corridor (TCC).

Turns out that Texas had already signed a 50-year lease with a private Spanish company named Cintra, one that permits for no competition by way of building new government roads or improving existing ones going in the same direction.

Why are we not surprised to know that SPP was kicked off in 2005 by a meeting in Crawford, Texas of the then-presidents of the three nations hosted by President George W. Bush, a former Governor of Texas?

Bush has been a leading proponent of the “immigration reform” legislation that more than two-thirds of Americans polled say they do not want. Tucked into those “reforms” were provisions to advance SPP. A Teddy Kennedy amendment to S. 1348 asserts that, “It is the sense of the Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico, which will lead to reduced immigration.” Oh, yeah? And here I thought the economic well being of Mexico was the job of the Mexican government.

As this is written, the President and the Congress have the lowest popularity ratings ever. Perhaps it has something to do with a secretive process involving the highest levels of government and a consortium of multinational corporations who are eager for the nation-busting North American Union and the superhighway?

Indeed, “secretive” is the mode of operation for SPP from the beginning. Last year, from September 12 to 14, a gathering sponsored by something called the North American Forum, brought together some very powerful people, but the media was not informed about it, nor has a list of attendees been available. One Canadian commentator has written that, “There is no better indication that these meetings and the SPP itself, constitute a parallel governing structure—unaccountable to any democratic institution or the public.”

This is not the way America, Canada, and presumably, Mexico, is supposed to be governed. The public outcry against the proposed immigration reform bill was enough to kill it in its present form.

In his book, “The Late Great U.S.A.” ($25.95, WND Books), Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D., warns that, “There are movements afoot in Mexico, Canada, and the United States, similar to those in Europe that led to the formation of the European Union that, if left unchecked, will erode U.S. sovereignty and lead to a North American Union.”

Perhaps when Congress begins to raise our taxes, authorize a superhighway, and offer yet another amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, the American people may take notice and want to do something about it. By then, however, it will be too late.

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