Sunday, December 03, 2006

Orbital Battle Station new speak for 'Star Wars'

The Bush administration is going to ask Congress for funding to begin development of an “orbital battle station” that will be able to attack enemy missiles in their vulnerable boost phase.
Each Battle Station would be a fairly large satellite that carried a number, perhaps 40 to 50 infrared guided “kill vehicles.” On orders from the ground, the battle station would launch these kill vehicles, roughly about the size of a loaf of bread, at incoming missiles. Professor Everett Dolman of the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and the author of Astropolitik - Classical Geopolitics in The Space Age, says that space based systems are “the only viable option for global defense against the most likely threats, such as an attack by Iran against Israel or by Pakistan against India.”

“The technology,” Dolman said, “for a basic orbital interceptor that could hit an ICBM in mid flight has been available to the U.S. for at least two decades. Indeed should the U.S. dedicate itself to a fast track development and deployment of several dozen networked anti-missile satellites, it could have a baseline capability in place within two years.”

The truth being that the US has for over 2 decades employed much more advanced weapons then these being proposed. This is simply a trial ballon to inform the public of what has already been done previously. The current level of development is the HAARP series of directed energy weapons. This HAARP series of weapons is one of the reasons the US, Europe, Russia, and China have been poisioning the atmosphere with over-spray fights of metal particulates.

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