Sunday, March 19, 2006

American Freedom....R.I.P. 2006

American Freedom 2006RIP

Sometime before the 2008 presidential election, and possibly much, much sooner, the United States Government will detonate a small to medium nuclear weapon in an American city, killing 10,000 to 100,000 civilians. The U.S. government will blame Al Qaeda or Iran. In doing so upcoming elections will be postponed. The government will suspend the Constitution and imposing martial law. ‘Posse-Comitatus’ will be suspended as the 101st Airborne are ordered into the large American cities and the terrified American public will go along with it all.

The U.S. government will control the “investigation” of the nuclear explosion. The media will follow along as they will be in no position to challenge the government’s findings. The American public swooning patriotism and bloodlust will demand immediate retaliation. No one will balk as the government institutes a draft of all 18 to 25 year old males. Propaganda mixed with lies will silence any of the military’s detractors. A new America for the 21st century the posters will say.

As for the unlucky city in this ill-fated lottery, any mid-sized American city in the throes of Urban decay with a large Arab population that the government can accuse of being Al Qaeda sympathizers would fit the bill nicely.

The government can plant several other nuclear bombs in other cities, such as San Francisco, Miami, or any other city with a midsized media outlet. Big enough to get the story out, but not big enough to have quality reporters who could sniff out a lie. Then after the first bomb is detonated, the government can “find” these other unexploded bombs and claim that they believe there are others still lurking out there. Seeing one bomb go off, finding two others, and believing that there are still more would so scare the public that they would beg Congress to suspend the Constitution and declare permanent martial law.

Public “analysis” (i.e. spoon feeding government lies to the media) of these additional unexploded bombs can provide weeks of infotainment while giving the government a means to PAINT other countries with the brush of accomplishes. For instance, the government can claim that these bombs are “crude” and thus probably the work of amateurs, bearing the hallmark traits that suggest Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, North Korea, etc.

The U.S. government has already announced that it would attack Iran in the event of another major terrorist attack, REGARDLESS of Iran’s culpability. The U.S. government’s analysis will be completely fabricated, but people and the press will be so scared that they will accept without question whatever the government claims.Fast forward to today. First, I read about military nuclear terrorism exercises in Charleston, South Carolina scheduled to end around April 2nd. Curious timing. There were five military exercises on 9/11 having to do with hijacked airplanes flying into buildings! That’s a pretty stunning coincidence.

Detonating a nuclear bomb in a crowded stadium would kill 70,000 people (within my stated range) while minimizing damage to the out lying physical city. Considering the almost certainly faked "warning" from Osama bin Laden a couple of weeks ago, a large sports event would be an excellent symbolic target for a would be "Islamic terrorists."

In March Iran is supposedly going to launch an ‘Oil Bourse’ that will trade oil for euros instead of American dollars, which would likely destroy the dollar and the U.S. government.
For months the U.S. has been ratcheting up the rhetoric against Iran, following the SAME playbook it used with Iraq, and clearly angling for another war. Just the other day the U.S. succeeded in getting Iran referred to the U.N. Security Council, just like Iraq. Next stop…..WWIII. Bush’s poll numbers are in a slump and his administration is in disarray, just like before the 9/11 ‘attacks’. The Republican party’s image is eroding rapidly, congressional elections are approaching, and there are signs the Republicans will fare very badly in the elections. The Patriot Act has lost its momentum. And now, after over a year of silence, Osama bin Laden suddenly issues a dire "warning"? What convenient timing for Bush. Soon…very soon, we’ll see a major "terrorist" attack! It will be attributed to Osama via Iran, Via Syria, via Jordan, via North Korea, etc.

Then the world will watch as an attack on Iran follows. The Bush administration has already stated that it will attack Iran in the event of a major terrorist attack in the U.S., regardless of Iran’s culpability. And if the "terrorist" attack in the U.S. is a nuclear one, then using tactical nuclear "bunker buster" missiles in Iran will be more then justifiable. The idea will be to destroy Iran’s ability to build and produce it’s own nuclear weapons. This is not because the American are against Nuclear arms proliferation but because the Americans do not want their military blown to kingdom come when they put Abrams tanks in downtown Iran.
Using nuclear weapons will accomplish one very important goal. The fact that the United States’ is both highly ‘willing and capable’ of using nuclear weapons in a pre-emptive strikes against it’s perceived enemies. Their us is outlined in the "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations," published by the Department of Defense less than one year ago.

Conveniently, attacking Iran will likely destroy its plans for an Oil Bourse, extending the dollar’s life a little bit. The public in the U.S. think that the economy is just fine, sailing on smooth waters if you will. The fact, however, is, and I’m quoting financial experts from the likes of Morgan Stanley and Standard & Poor’s, the U.S. economy is on the brink of "Economic Armageddon." Three decades of failed economic policies has left the U.S. economy fundamentally weak, severely imbalanced, and highly vulnerable to external x-factors. For example rocketing oil prices, huge foreign currency reserves. China alone holds 800 to 900 Billion in U.S. currency reserves. While it shows no outward signs of desperation, those in the U.S. government who know the score are utterly desperate to survive. They know that the U.S. is on the precipice of a massive economic collapse.

As we all know, those of us who study history, the only way out of an economic collapse is WAR. Think Germany 1930’s after the economic collapse it suffered after WWI.
With the U.S. dollar worthless, the Americans will be forced to take the global resources and labor it needs by force. The Americans have already secured Iraqi oil and Afghan pipe lines by using it’s military force. The United States already makes extensive use of prison laborers When the economy comes crashing down, hordes of angry, rioting Americans will create a large pool of newly criminalized slave laborers. Rounding up and incarcerating large numbers - think millions - of Americans is something that’s been planned for years in the event of a quote ‘National Emergency.’ Everything necessary to accomplish it is in place, waiting to be activated.
In addition, hordes of destitute Americans will create a large pool of potential soldiers, solving the military’s recruitment problems. Do you think American soldiers would balk at incarcerating or even shooting American civilians? I don’t. If people are fearful enough about their own prospects for survival, they will do just about anything. Again, think of Jews loading Jews into boxcars for Auschwitz.

The government will have to nationalize major industries such as energy, minerals, agriculture, communications, and transportation. The government may not overtly characterize it as nationalizing. By using corporations as proxies and then controlling the corporations, the government can perpetuate the facade of a market economy and pretend that it’s not a dictatorship. Many if not all prisons in the U.S. today are, in fact, run by private corporations, who have a vested interest in expanding their ‘market.’ The government will also confiscate everything with any international value, such as gold. It will also need to confiscate peoples’ guns. After all a victim is only a victim if they can’t effectively fight back. It would definitely not behoove the government to have it’s population armed and asking questions. There are currently plans by the Department of Homeland Security to confiscate bank accounts and the contents of bank safe deposit boxes of anyone considered a ‘terrorist.’

The other major factor that’s largely been kept out of public sight is "Peak Oil." We are probably at the peak of oil production right now, but it won’t be clear until several years after we pass the peak that we’ve done so. Thus, competition for the world’s remaining oil supplies is going to become much more intense, vicious, and violent. It’s no coincidence that the U.S. attacked Iraq and is now agitating to go after Iran. Iraq and Iran possess the world’s number two and number three largest known oil reserves and Iran possesses the world’s second largest natural gas reserves. The U.S.’s own natural gas fields are already in decline and the nature of natural gas production is that it falls off abruptly. Some experts think natural gas production in the U.S. is about to fall off precipitously starting soon, maybe even this year. One third of electricity in the U.S. is produced from natural gas. So you can see it’s a very important resource. Therefore, finding an alternative source for natural gas, such as Iran, might seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to transport natural gas from Iran to the U.S. Nevertheless, controlling Iran ’s natural gas gives the U.S. a mighty lever with which to control the rest of the world, particularly Europe and the Far-East.

This is also a secondary reason to control Middle Eastern oil, as Europe, India, Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, and Japan are completely dependent on the stuff, while the U.S. actually produces about half of the oil it consumes. If Peak Oil is indeed imminent, then the country that controls the bulk of the world’s oil controls the world.


Goes the Atomic Clock…

Bobby Anding

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