Friday, January 27, 2006

Iran's War plans..

Iran's top secret war plan, should push come to shove with the United States, certain European countries and Israel.The plan, which was drawn up primarily by the Revolutionary Guards and approved by Iran's delusional president, consists of 5 main strategies:

(1) The removal of Iranian funds (already begun) from all foreign banks where those funds could be seized as a result of sanctions and war;

(2) The destruction of oil facilities in Gulf states hosting US forces or otherwise friendly to the US, and the mining of the Persian Gulf, in order to drive oil prices above $100/barrel and adversely effect financial markets;

(3) The weakening of US and European national resolve to win a war against Iran by causing massive US and European casualties requiring deployment of reinforcing forces, attacking into Iraq and the Gulf waters with conventional forces and weapons (such as ballistic missiles), the possible use of chemical and biological weapons on the Iraqi battlefield, and a massive increase in the number and level of terrorist attacks within Iraq (for which Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have been laying the groundwork since the spring of 2003);

(4) The use of "Fifth Column" forces against US, European and Israeli targets, with the forces consisting of terrorist cells from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, with which Iranian President Ahmadinejad met on 20 January 2006 in Syria, and;

(5) The attacking of Israel with ballistic missiles, possibly with the aid of Syria, with the intent of causing great damage to Tel Aviv, Haifa and other major Israeli cities, and the destruction of Israel’s nuclear weapons facility at Dimona, which the Iranians hope will spread radiation across a wide area.

Iran's plan is "clever, asymmetric and 100% effective in accomplishing all their goals. It is also way outside of the proverbial box that the Americans and the E.U. are willing to fight in. An is especially interesting side note is that it has the approval of President Ahmadinejad, who is believed to be quite delusional and perhaps clinically insane. Iran's President Ahmadinejad, is without a doubt a fanatical lunatic is search of nuclear arms. He also truly believes in the inevitablity of an impending apocalypse. One in which HE is the Re-incarnation of a 10th Century Muslim messiah returned from the dead.

Bobby Anding

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