Thursday, August 11, 2005

'Free Love Ain't Free'

'Peace' is the absence of all opposition. This is the doctrine of Communism. A 'free-thinker,' as defined by Mikhail Bakunin, a close adviser to Karl Marx, is someone who is 'liberated from God's laws of morality." Bakunin stated that Lucifer was the first free-thinker and ultimately the Savior of the world. According to Mikhail, Lucifer liberated Adam! It follows then that Communist, will utilize any form of humanist philosophies to undermine and ultimately overthrow a Free democratically elected society. Secularism which deals with notions of social liberation such as queer liberation, feminist liberation, any form of perversion, immorality, and rebellion will do as far as the Communist are concerned.

Morality with regards to God undermines the intended assassination of the Human Spirit. Even with overwhelming force Tyrants cannot wield oppression effectively until the Human Spirit has been completely crushed. The last thing to die is the inner knowledge that God is the ultimate and final Authority in all matters. Not until that has been extinguished can the purveys of Communism begin the indoctrination of Secular Deification.

Let’s see what has 'FREE LOVE' given America as a whole....

It has given us the Columbine killers. Untold scores of sexual predators and drug dealers preying on our children. Adolescent psychopaths, gang wars, anti-war activists protesting during a fallen soldier's funeral, the Clinton regime, the ACLU, and GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Educators Network), NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association), Wiccan, Pagan, Gothic, New Age, and Satanic groups masquerading as legitimate alternatives to established Catholic Faiths. These are examples of the systematic destruction of America's social fabric. 'FREE LOVE' has birthed nothing but chaos, fear, terror, injustice, and perversion.

Laventi Beria, Stalin's head of KGB, instructed his operatives to do everything within their power to produce chaos and decay in America's culture. Beria said, "…our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust and scientific turmoil. Once we have duped the Americans, we can then at last offer a weary and confused populace peace through our Communist State System. We will cure their ills by removing their ability to choose, to discuss, or even to question. After a few high profile state executions they will quickly learn to do what they are told when they are told! "

Truth is GOOD over EVIL. This presupposes the ability to distinguish between the pair. When ambiguity clouds the ability to distinguish between the two people suffer terribly. Americans have surrendered their innate ability to recognize evil, even when it is not only apparent but up horrent. It is these lost and blind sheep who bleat sympathetically on behalf of savage jihadists who fly 747 Airliners into buildings filled with women and children. It is these same "FREE LOVE" Peace Whores who handed Europe to the Nazi butchers in 1939.

The battle for America's future, one in which Men and Women can freely worship our Lord Jesus Christ, is being lost right now in public school classrooms, in State and Federal Courthouses, and most sadly within YOU. The demise of this once great nation will only happen over the rotting corpse of Christianity. If America should join the pantheon of fallen nation states it will be because WE believed Lucifer’s lie that Free Love, Free Thinking, Morally ambiguous decision making could some how pull us from the morass which Lucifer led us into in the first place!

Bobby Anding

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