Sunday, August 14, 2005

"Farewell, cousin, for here we are frozen..."

A man whose cousin was a passenger on the plane which crashed in Greece received a cell-phone text message minutes before the crash.

"He wrote, "The pilots were unconscious. ..." Then his last words followed,

"Farewell, cousin, for here we are frozen..." Then nothing.

The plane lost contact with Greek and Cypriot air traffic control crashing 23 minutes after take off, killing all 121 people aboard, A third of the passengers were children, 48 in all. Two F-16 fighter jets were sent out shortly after the plane entered Greek air space over the Aegean Sea but did not respond to radio calls — a standard Greek practice. As they intercepted the airliner shortly before it crashed, the jet pilots saw one of the pilots slumped unconscious over the controls, Alpha TV reported. It was unclear where the other pilot was.The fighter pilots said there was no movement in the cabin. Some Greek media reports said fighter pilots also could see oxygen masks dangling inside the cabin, but officials could not confirm that."It looks like the plane was on automatic pilot" when it crashed, Helios spokesman Marios Konstantinidis said at Larnaca airport, in Cyprus.

Houston, Texas February 14th 2005:
Early morning rush hour traffic had not yet reached its peak when Frank Stefano 35, Maria Stefano 29, Mary Stefano 4, Morgan Stefano 2, driving in their Late Model Volvo Sedan were crushed and killed by a two ton steel girder which fell off of a Highway overpass in central Houston today. Described as a freak accident the family was killed instantly leaving no survivors. Witness said that one minute the car was there and next it was sheared in half by the four thousand pound falling metal framing member. The fact that it happened at 7:17am and not 8 or 8:30am saved a lot of lives, due to the fact at the later time the freeways underpass would have been bumper to bumper with morning commuters. Funeral services for the entire Stefano family is being handled by the last living Stefano family member, the deceased's mother Evelyn Stefano 72.

Sunday, August 14, 2005 Baghdad, Iraq — Six U.S. soldiers died in roadside bombings. Lance Corporal Erickson said "One minute we were laughing and talking and the next the entire left side of the Humvee simply exploded." Marines further back in the convoy said as survivors disembarked their stricken vehicles sniper fire caused further U.S. casualties.

Times Picayune
Friday, August 12, 2005 By Trymaine D. LeeStaff writer

Brutal Murder of mother, 7-year-old stuns Hollygrove community. She was supposed to be one of the ones that made it out of Hollygrove. At the tender age of 7, Ta'Lasia Dickerson was one of the very few students teachers expected would rise above the neighborhood's overwhelming poverty. Those expectations were cut woefully short Wednesday night when Ta'Lasia was savagely killed by one or more gunmen who entered her home and shot her and her mother, Teffany Dickerson, 30. Shoot multiple times, Ta'Lasia died on the scene. Her mother, despite a valiant effort, died four hours later at Charity Hospital. Ciricca Washington who lives just four doors down from the victims remarked "Yesterday she's in my yard talking about her new school outfit her Grandmother bought her for the new school year and now she's dead. It just ain't right; she was only 7 years old. Just a baby....."

The End comes for us all despite age, gender, race, or creed. Time or place, chance or predestination Death is neither choosy, nor particular anyone will do. Rich or Poor, young or old, the Reaper comes for us all. No one is promised tomorrow. No one is promised a long life. Infact the only promise you can count on is that you WILL die. The question is not if, it is not even when, the real question is WHERE? Where will your Eternal Soul be in a thousand years?
During the course of life ALL are given two choices. Some are given a long life with MANY opportunities to choose. Some die young and are given only a few opportunities to make their choice, but all, regardless of their age by the time of their death have, by their actions, been given a choice. The destination of your Eternal Soul hangs in the balance of that choice. Choose wisely, Choose Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Lamb of the World, who died for YOUR sins so that they might be forgiven. Jesus loved you enough to suffer and die for you. He waits night and day as your life slips quickly away for you to return his love which he so freely offers to you. While you still have time left choose life, choose JESUS CHRIST!!!

Jesus Christ said..."I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but through me. If ye had known me, ye know my Father also: and from hence forth ye shall know him, and see him." John 14:6 NKJ

Bobby Anding

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