Thursday, August 18, 2005

False Peace

Peace…Peace… They cry, but there will be no peace. Since time immemorial God’s children have betrayed their Heavenly Father and sold their birth right for a coward’s peace. Spray painted at the securty check point leading into Gaza an Israeli slogan read..

"Today, Israel sells it’s God given birth right to murders and thieves for a false Peace!"

Hundreds of Storm Troopers entered the Gaza Strip town of Kfar Darom Wednesday. Established as a Jewish kibbutz, or collective farm, in 1946, Kfar Darom along with the Gaza Strip fell to the invading Egyptian armies two years later during Israel’s War of Independence. It was returned to the rightful owners with the price being Israeli blood. During the 1967 Six Day War, Jewish control was reestablished, and rightfully so. A short time later it became a legitimate Jewish settlement once again.

Kfar Darom is situated about 16km south of Gaza City, home to about 365 God fearing Jewish citizens of Israel. Many of the residents are young families who despite frequent and bloody Arab attacks have stood firm because of their faith in GOD'S promise that HE and not man gave the Land of Israel to them. In order to try and SHAME God’s people the media has falsely tagged the devote Jews with the label “hardliners.” This slight is because the residents of Kfar Darom were unwilling to compromise their biblical faith in God Almighty.

Today August 18, 2005 those in Israel who having draped themselves in sheep’s clothing, have now thrown off the thinly veiled pretense and have acted in accordance with their Lupine nature. The cowardly Palestinian thugs have murdered of over 1,000 Israelis, maiming and crippling many thousands more. This is nothing more then, MURDER FOR LAND, the wolves in sheep’s clothing have duped the trusting people of Israel.

One of them is the Cohen family, a family in Israel’s historical priestly line; a family with three courageous, proud Jewish children. Yisrael, Tehila and Orit were all maimed or crippled in a roadside bomb attack on their school bus on November 20, 2000. This dastardly attack on children occured shortly after the Palestinian Arabs launched their second cowardly “Intifada” – a terror war aimed at killing defenseless women and children. When their bus blew up, at the gates of the settlement in front of their horrified parents, Orit lost her foot, Yisrael lost one leg below the knee and Tehila lost both legs.

Despite that terrible cost, they chose, after undergoing surgery and therapy near Tel Aviv, to return to Kfar Darom, determined to abide in their FAITH and in BIBLICAL scripture, which promises this land to the Jewish people. Determined, that no spineless cowardly Palestinian terrorists, no Palestinian bombs no matter how unscrupulous or malicious, would scare them away. Many maimed and crippled children in the community have lost both their parents due to Palestinian terrorism. Despite this terrible cost they have chosen to stand on FAITH and remain in Kfar Darom.

However, where the black murderous “Palestinian” hatred of the Jews could not drive them out, these brave Israeli kids will be driven out by their own deceitful government. The man behind the school bus bombing, which killed 20 Jewish children, Palestinian Authority minister Mohammed Dahlan is celebrated and called a Hero. This vaunted murderer is the partner with whom Israel’s government is working with to seize and turn over the Cohen's land. Not only the Cohen's land but all the other Jewish lands in Gaza and northern Samaria as well.

Carrying out this policy conceived in hell, up to 5,000 security men and women, reminiscent of the Nazi terror of WWII, poured into the Jewish town Wednesday morning. The Storm Troopers are going from home to home, screaming and shouting threatening to break down the doors of innocent families who have fearlessly barricaded themselves in.

The majority of the Nazi-esque Storm Troopers massed around the main synagogue in which were gathered hundreds of praying Jews, many of whose homes in Judea and Samaria face a similar future fate to those in the Gaza Strip. Undaunted by threats of arrest they have come to Kfar Darom from all over Israel to be in solidarity with their fellow Jews. These are the Sons and Daughters of the same Jews who fought and died recovering the land of their birth rite promised them by GOD!

In the vein of Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler, IDF's OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Dan Harel declared before noon, “Kfar Darom will be cleared by evening.”

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790), Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Bobby Anding

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