Thursday, August 11, 2005

America R.I.P......

"Indeed, GOD does nothing without having revealed His purpose to His servants, the Prophets." Amos 3:7

Jesus relayed the folllowing message to a modern day Prophet who wished at this time to remain unknown:

"My people,manufacturing has been America’s strength from the beginning because you have industrious people with opportunity to exploit your inventive skills. Unfortunately, you have big business and the one world people trying to export most of your manufacturing jobs for cheap labor and no benefits. The companies here could make money with US workers, but they want to make more money overseas. The one world people have set up the trade laws and tax structures to make it cheaper to export jobs. This is all part of a plan to weaken the United States of America by removing as many small farmers and small businesses as possible by regulations and control of people’s lives. The one world people are slowly controlling the US so you will no longer be a superpower by financial and military ruin. This will make way for the Antichrist to come to power.

You have been given the blueprint for your coming demise and I am allowing it because of your unrepentant sinful lifestyles. I have warned America with many signs and pleas in My messages, but the people have refused to change, so now you will reap the consequences of your actions."

America R.I.P.....

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