Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Dark wind Blows....

A Change is coming.... The entire world will soon be altered from it's present course. Mankind has transgressed God's mercy. It is the Bacchanalian choices which have watered down the Founding Father's rock sure truth. 'Lifestyles' which three generations ago would have been called perversions have infected the bedrock of the American Family.

They would have you believe that the words 'Christian, Family, Patriot, Father..' are nothing more then derogatory adjatives. The liberal media and the 'Lifestyle' advocates say we should apologize for being Christian, Hard Working, with belief's which are grounded in Faith, love, and JESUS CHRIST.

Love begins with the Love of GOD first and foremost. It is the first commandment "Love GOD thy Father with all thy might and all thy will."

It is there that the love of all things both begins and ends. All things issue forth from the Lord thy GOD and as entropy envelops all things once more in it's velvet black embrace all things once again return to the Lord thy GOD!

Bobby Anding

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