Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Apostasy of Secularism

In our modern times the ‘Apostasy of Secularism’ threatens to undermine the foundations of the Roman Catholic Church. The very word Secularism is insidious in it’s vague perpetuity. Having abandoned truth for conjecture and innuendo all views have become acceptable in the New World Order. Often Christians are accused of not practicing what they preach when those in the Catholic Faith judge another as having committed or being in the state of sin. The son of God, Jesus Christ, said when attacked to turn the other cheek, not turn a blind eye to the repugnant actions called by some ‘a lifestyle’ others ‘A woman’s right.’
The Roman Catholic Church at it’s inception was entrusted by it’s founder the Lord Jesus Christ with the moral responsibility to hold the line and sound the call when all others, for the love of gold and silver, have cheaply bartered their soul. Hidden behind the label of ‘socially progressive’ all manner of perversions have been loosed upon an unsuspecting public. In the modern practice of deception by omission there lies a hidden sinister intent. The fringe of society have thrown open the gates of Hades inviting abominations only three generations ago would have been recognized for the wolf in sheep’s clothing that they are.
We ‘ARE’ called to be our brother’s keeper. It is not unchristian to warn someone when they are participating in a lifestyle or committing deeds which has them careening off a spiritual cliff to their damnation.
What are we setting ourselves up for when we replace right and wrong with some amorphic intangibility? In this new millennium those of definitive moral character are labeled Hard-liners, Extremists, Ultra-Conservatives or even Fanatics. Where shall the moral compass point be set if the port of embarkation is in the middle of everywhere and the destination in the middle of nowhere?

Ultimately the goal of the New World Order is that of a secular society devoid of God. The first step towards that goal is the pruning of institutionalized religions for a more truncated, ‘User-Friendly’ version. This is religion stripped down, less rigid, absent of anything so intrusive as ‘Commandments or Cannon Law.’ Unambiguous, unintrusive, unassuming, yet entirely diabolical in it’s nature not to offend.

Step One of this campaign is ‘All Religions must become the same.’

Bobby Anding

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